Working Papers

Theo Benonnier, Katrin Millock, and Vis Taraz. December 2018. “Climate change, migration, and irrigation.” Submitted.

Vis Taraz. October 2018. “Climate change, social protection, and crop yields: Evidence from India.” Revisions requested. Draft available upon request.

Teevrat GargMaulik Jagnani, and Vis Taraz. February 2018. “Temperature and human capital in India.” Revisions requested at the Journal of the Association of Environmental and Resource Economists. [Ideas for India blog post.]


Susan Stratton Sayre and Vis Taraz. November 2018. “Groundwater depletion in India: Social losses from costly well deepening.” Forthcoming, Journal of Environmental Economics and Management. [Working paper]

Vis Taraz. December 2018. “Can farmers adapt to higher temperatures? Evidence from India,” World Development, 112, pp. 205-219. [Working paper] [Replication data] [Press coverage in Mint]

Vis Taraz. October 2017. “Adaptation to climate change: Historical evidence from the Indian monsoon,” Environment and Development Economics, 22(5), pp. 517-545. [Working paper]